dividing line



dividing line

If you want to become an entrepreneur... we want to assist you, share our knowledge and support your growth with our many programs. We have the experience to help you develop your concept and help you grow a strong and successful business. It's like planting a tree from seedling to large oak!

Check out this website for practical information and step-by-step assistance.

Imagine this tree is your business...

The foundation of your business is like the roots of a tree. These roots are necessary to provide the strength to grow. We will help you plant these ROOTS by: 
  •     creating a legal entity
  •     obtaining insurance
  •     working with you to acquire the necessary licenses and permits
  •     assisting you in setting up financial systems and setting prices
Then there is the tree trunk which represents Marketing and is the support for your business. Our advisors will help craft your message:
  •     your story
  •     your product
  •     your uniqueness
All of which goes into promoting your business and selling your product.

Once you have the ROOTS and the TRUNK, the BRANCHES AND LEAVES will grow and grow as in:
  • Sales and Profits which equal $$$$$$ 

Every part of the tree is necessary to succeed and the ENTREPRENEUR SPACE will be there to assist you in every way.